Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Playlists and Their Power

I'm a playlist junky. I am talking in the aspect that I will make an over abundance of them and become overly obsessed with them. And even in the digital age of Spotify, iPhones, Androids, etc, I still rock an iPod mini at times when I run. Because it's cute and little and will fit comfortably anywhere. And I was a girl of the past who would buy CDs and load them onto their computer and spend an overabundance of time in iTunes intricately lacing songs together to make the PERFECT playlist.

Anyway, now the time has come where I decided that I would make my playlists on Spotify, as a "backup" of sorts. And... I most recently ended up with this beauty:

Yes, the first song I listen to every single time I start on a running expedition lately has been "Let It Go". I've been having a hard time adapting to some of the issues I've been having with my health (breathing and knee problems), and I start each run with the lovely mindset of "This is my time, this is me time, this is it, everything else LET. IT. GO."

So, this is what has gotten me through some runs. :) What songs are your go-to for a run?