Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Sunday Morning Run and Selfies With My Dog

That face though, can we focus on that face? Let me explain that I don't always keep pictures where I look that awkward, just ones with my dog. She doesn't like to take pictures, so I have to make whistling noises to make her look at the camera and I loved her face in this one. So I kept it, despite my positively dreadful expression. My mother's reaction to this picture was "It looks like she ate the Easter Bunny!" I see her point, and it is something that the little terrier terror would do. She's a bit of an om nom nomivore. Anyway, onto the good stuff. A Sunday morning run was on the books since Nike Women's Half Marathon is just one week away from today! 

I opted for 7 miles today, a 3.5 out and back along State Street in Dover. By doing this route I was well aware that I wasn't working on time, given the amount of cross streets that I have on this route. But, the view is one that is pretty great, considering the area. And as luck may have it, some of the flowers are starting to bloom, even though we just had snow this week. Between stop lights and crosswalks my simple 7 mile run took me 1:34. I'm starting to get better working on my breathing technique, slowly but surely. But, it's happening! I have started working more with yoga that is supposed to help increase lung capacity. I've also started playing my clarinet more regularly to help with lung capacity and breathing as well.

Now to relax with the little dog, a bottle of wine, and some homework for the rest of our Easter Sunday.