Monday, March 24, 2014

Pasta In The Park: A Run Disney Necessity

Ali and I before Pasta in the Park
February 21, 2014

Okay, okay, perhaps "necessity" is a strong word. Because, admittedly, Ali and I both were skeptical about spending $52 on a "spaghetti dinner". Even if it was an all you can eat buffet style, but, our shopping problem and excitement for the race got the best of us and we both hesitantly shelled out the money to be on the list. Easily one of the best decisions of the weekend. We chose to go Friday night as opposed to Saturday night working under the assumption that we would be better off having a late night the day before a 10k as opposed to a half marathon.

I wish I had gotten pictures inside of the event, I got too excited and too distracted by food. Also, let it be known that Ali and I were the first two people with purple wristbands on for PitP. That was one of the perks of getting buddy buddy with one of the Disney Event workers, who was incredibly informative and sweet!

Once we got inside we picked a table near the buffet lines, I think all total there was about 20 buffet tables. You never really had to wait in line to fill your plate, which was exciting and almost worth it all on it's own! Another perk of the PitP party? Character meetings. They had some of the princesses on hand to do pictures with the runners and their families and since it was a limited number of people at this dinner, the wait wasn't that long!

We met some really amazing people at our table, including a 63 year old woman who was training for her first half Iron Man. It turned out her and her husband had both run Boston before (a goal of both myself and Ali, one day, down the road, after a full marathon is done at all). Another woman was there alone, she wanted to do something for herself, and this was it. I couldn't imagine! I give her credit, maybe I'm too much of a people person and like to be surrounded by others, but I seriously don't think I could have done this week(end) without Ali. And finally, once again we found ourselves with Delaware roots. The other couple of girls at our table were University of Delaware students, and it was their first half marathon.

For your food you had pasta with either a red or alfredo sauce, chicken, and some fish, you also had salad, bread, and roasted potatoes, for dessert there was ice cream, and for some gluttonous reason I thought it would be a good idea to eat both a Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich and a Mickey Bar. Yeah, I don't know why I did that either.

Illuminations light show
After dinner there was another added perk! Everyone who attended PitP was granted VIP seating to the Illuminations light show! This was my first experience with a Disney fireworks show, and it was nothing short of amazing! The only downside was Illuminations started at 9 and by the time it ended and we got back to our hotel and settled it was already approaching the 11 o'clock hour. That normally doesn't seem like that late, until you take into consideration that we were waking up at 2:30 to go run. Well, you know what they say, you only live once. And we were in Disney after all.