Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fit For A Princess Expo

I lucked out with my travel companion. While I was the planner with things from the hotel room, transportation, tickets, flight information, and things that our hotel offered, Ali was the ultimate Disney planner. On the flight down she was explaining everything that we would want to see in the parks, what we would want to go to first in the Expo, and where things were that I wanted (you know, those Alex and Ani bracelets that I'm now obsessed with). Honestly, after hearing of Ali's in depth research about the Expo, I was a little ashamed of myself for not planning ahead. I mean, I am the girl that typically will study the menu of a restaurant that I know I'm going to before hand. What I'm saying is, if you aren't an Ali, make sure you're traveling with an Ali.

The night before Expo, we weren't quite sure how we were getting there. Our resort wasn't certain on transportation, nor was the Polynesian, which is the closest "Disney" resort to our hotel. So, we had decided that we would, if necessary, hike to the Expo by foot. Obviously we aren't always the most rational girls. Oops. Much to our surprise and delight, the next morning, there was a bus waiting out front with a sign that said "RunDisney Event Transportation". Yes!
Glass Slipper Challenge sign in front of the Expo

We arrived at the Expo right as it was opening, giving us the upper hand on all the official Run Disney merchandise. With Ali's list of vendors at the ready, we took on the Expo before we went about grabbing our race packets. The amount of money I spent at the expo will not be disclosed, however, I will present you with some pictures.

 Three of those shirts were included with the race registration, and the Merida inspired outfit came with me. Other than that, I bought everything else pictured. So, we can just sum that up to a Sparkle Skirt, four pairs of Feetures socks, a Sparkle Athletic shirt, three Sweaty Bands, a SPI Belt, some Clif Gel Shots,  Body Glide, and official Princess Half Marathon Weekend garb including a long sleeve tech jacket, a short sleeved tech shirt, one of the Glass Slipper Challenge Sweaty Bands (pictured below), a Glass Slipper Challenge Bondi Band, and a window cling (that has yet to make it onto my car). Yep, I went a bit overboard. 

 Three hours later, we were leaving the Expo, we ended up going back the next day. And I bought some insoles for my shoes to help with my running form. Overall, I was OBSESSED with the Expo. And it was an amazing experience!