Saturday, March 29, 2014

Every Once In A While You Have To Treat Yourself

Garmin Forerunner 210
And so I did. After a few years with my Forerunner 110, I decided it was time to upgrade. I started my research on a new GPS watch with heart rate monitor. I was torn between getting a new Garmin or trying the new on the market Tom Tom Runner. You can see my decision here. When it came down to it, while I liked the looks and features of the Tom Tom,  it is still new. And I'm sure once it's been out for a while I'll be excited to maybe get my hands on one and try it, but Garmin has never done me wrong. So I went for my old standby.

I really wanted the 220, but I have this thing called a budget, and I really only wanted it so I didn't have to plug it in to my computer and could just sync via Bluetooth to my phone. But really, that was the only thing that kept making me go "I really want that 220!" And logic outweighed desire.

I haven't run with the 210 yet, it just came in the mail yesterday and Friday is typically my rest day. Today it's raining cats and dogs so I'm letting my Garmin charge before I take it out for a spin and hopefully we'll have a reprieve from the rain in a bit.

You can buy the Garmin 210 just about anywhere, on Garmin's website they are running in the $249.99 bracket if you get it with a HRM, I found mine on eBay with free shipping for $169.99 brand new in box. Always do your research! Once I start doing some runs with it, I'll be more than happy to review and answer any questions that might come up.