Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monster Mash Half Marathon // Dover, Delaware // October 20, 2012

Registration for this race can be found here

For my second half marathon I found myself in my home state, with the starting line just seven short minutes (via car) from my house. A couple of facts about this race:

  • This race can either be registered as a half marathon or a full marathon.
  • The full marathon is a USA Track & Field Certified Course as a Boston Qualifier. 
  • It benefits Wounded Warrior Project
  • 2011 was it's inaugural year.
  • Flat, fast course, seriously, there is minimal elevation along this course.
  • The First mile is around The Monster Mile at Dover Downs!
Now, to my second half marathon. Start time was 7 am, I got to Dover Downs at 5:30 so I could get checked in and start meeting some of the other runners. 
The ridiculously blurry picture my Mother took Pre-Race
I was more prepared for this race than my first one, I knew what to expect of my body at which mile markers. I knew that, even if I didn't feel like I needed to, I should drink at each water stop. I knew that I needed to stretch before and immediately following the race. I knew not to push myself too hard in the beginning and to try to keep a steady pace. 

Around Mile Marker 1.5, with my ankle tracker.
My legs are so pale. So, so, pale. I loved this course, I loved being near home and running roads that I typically drive on a daily basis. I drive along this pathway all the time, and I smile. Races can do that to you, make you happy. Even just the memory. 
Approaching the finish line

Overall, I loved this course. I loved the race, the organizers of the event, and the way they handled the after affair. For a small event, it was nice, with your wristband you were able to get one meal from the food truck, I opted for a burger and a Powerade. 
Cheesin' with my finishers medal

My only complaint about this race was somehow the year I did it, the people in charge of the mile markers dropped the ball. Only the first three miles were marked. Thankfully, I used my GPS app and was able to see roughly where I was. This past year I heard that they fixed that problem, here's hoping it's still fixed come October when I take on this race again. 

xx Heather